CPE Preparation - Writting Task - Unit 4

From: Grammar for CAE and proficiency by Martin Hewings

Unit 3: Writing Task - Last year you went on an organised walking holiday for a week, walking along a long-distance footpath to a different hotel each night. A friend has written to you asking whether you would recommend the holiday that you went on and the company who organised it. Read the extract from your friend's letter and some extract from the diary you wrote during your holiday. Write a letter to your friend saying what you thought about the holiday, how it could have been better, and weather you would recommend the holiday and the company.

Write your letter in 180-220 words. Do not write any postal address.

Dear Martha, I’m glad I’ve received your message today, I had a lovely time in Italy, however I don’t think this is the right holiday for you.
First of the scenery was overwhelmingly beautiful, I must say it compensated for everything else! We slept at a different hotel each night and the food there was just wonderful…

CPE Preparation - Writting Task - Unit 3

From: Grammar for CAE and proficiency by Martin Hewings

Unit 3: Writing Task - You work for a large company based in a ton centre. Most of the employees of the company drive to work. The director of the company has asked you to prepare a proposal on reducing car use by employees including:

an outline of why it would be a good thing to reduce car usepossible ways of achieving thisproblems in introducing changesyour recommendations on what should be done.Write your proposal in 300-350 words.

Proposal to reduce car use by employees

The problem The majority of the company’s employees make use of private cars to go to work despite the existence of public transport.
Benefits of reducing the use of cars Reducing the numbers of car is beneficial to the environment in the sense that with less cars on the streets the amount of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere would be decreased considerably.By not coming to work in their private cars employees would not face issues with finding parking fa…

CPE Preparation - Writting Task - Unit 2

From: Grammar for CAE and proficiency by Martin Hewings
Unit 2: Writing Task - You are on the committee of an organisation called Sport for Youth, which encourages young people to become more involved in sports. The next annual conference will be held in your home town. Delegates have received a provisional programme, but you nee to write a letter to them shortly before the conference giving them further details about the first day, and suggesting what they might do in the evening. Read the provisional programme and some notes you took at a recent meeting of the organizing committee. Write a letter to delegates in 180-220 words.

Dear Delegate,

I am very pleased to welcome you to the 15th Annual Conference of Sport for Youth which will be held in the ExCel, London from the 12th to the 15th of December. A programme for the the first day was provided and here are some final details aiming at making your experience at the Conference as enjoyable as possible.
Registration desks will open at 8…

CPE Preparation - Writting Task - Unit 1

From: Grammar for CAE and proficiency by Martin Hewings
Unit 1: Writing Task - You have recently read an article in an English language magazine aimed at young adults, which reported a survey finding that television was considered to be the most important invention of the last 100 years. You decide to write an article arguing that another invention has had as great an impact. Describe the invention and the impact it has had on our world, and say why you think it is a more important invention than television.

One can argue that the television, our sole mean of virtual entertainment for many years, was the most important invention of the last 100 years. This, however, is overshadowed by the invention of the Internet. This becomes clear when we consider that, nowadays, the usage of the latter is more present in everyday life than the former.
The Internet is responsible for connecting people across the globe, from the English student in Japan to the CEO of a large American company, everyone …