CPE Preparation - Writting Task - Unit 1

From: Grammar for CAE and proficiency by Martin Hewings

Unit 1: Writing Task - You have recently read an article in an English language magazine aimed at young adults, which reported a survey finding that television was considered to be the most important invention of the last 100 years. You decide to write an article arguing that another invention has had as great an impact. Describe the invention and the impact it has had on our world, and say why you think it is a more important invention than television.

One can argue that the television, our sole mean of virtual entertainment for many years, was the most important invention of the last 100 years. This, however, is overshadowed by the invention of the Internet. This becomes clear when we consider that, nowadays, the usage of the latter is more present in everyday life than the former.

The Internet is responsible for connecting people across the globe, from the English student in Japan to the CEO of a large American company, everyone uses it today. It helped making people more connected, business can now spawn to multiple countries and one does not need to go to work everyday, they can simply make a video call from the comfort of their homes. Talking about comfort, the Internet brought comfort to many aspects of the human life: online shopping, job searches and even going to university, everything now is just a click away.

The globalization brought by the Internet revolutionized many industries. Entertainment now is a lot easier with streaming services, listening to your favorite song for instance can be done in just a couple of seconds. Moreover, the transportation industry gained a boost with applications that, connected to the Internet, provide a reliable and fast service to customers. Automation and monitoring are all over the place and can easily be done from a central point of command that is connected to the network. New jobs are created every single day exactly because we discover new ways of using the internet in our favor.

It is truth the the television was revolutionary for the entertainment industry in the last 100 years, it brought people together and it helped communication to go faster from one place to another, this however seems very small compared to the general revolution caused by the internet and its many ramifications in multiple industries around the globe.


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