CPE Preparation - Writting Task - Unit 3

From: Grammar for CAE and proficiency by Martin Hewings

Unit 3: Writing Task - You work for a large company based in a ton centre. Most of the employees of the company drive to work. The director of the company has asked you to prepare a proposal on reducing car use by employees including:

  • an outline of why it would be a good thing to reduce car use
  • possible ways of achieving this
  • problems in introducing changes
  • your recommendations on what should be done.
Write your proposal in 300-350 words.

Proposal to reduce car use by employees

The problem
The majority of the company’s employees make use of private cars to go to work despite the existence of public transport.

Benefits of reducing the use of cars
  • Reducing the numbers of car is beneficial to the environment in the sense that with less cars on the streets the amount of greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere would be decreased considerably.
  • By not coming to work in their private cars employees would not face issues with finding parking facilities one of the main sources of delays in the early hours of the morning.
  • Other companies would see our example and could follow through with similar programmes for reducing their numbers of cars.
Possible ways of reducing car use
  • The company can promote a carpooling scheme.
  • The public transport have special fares for large companies, therefore we could provide the employees with specially  priced public transport tickets.
  • We could create a bicycle parking within the company and promote cycle-to-work.
Barriers to change
  • Some employees have commitments either before or after work hours which would only be possible with the use of their own cars.
  • During most part of the year the weather conditions are great for cycling, the winter however might present a challenge as most of the employees would find the weather too cold and wet for cycling.
  • There are some reports of unreliability regarding the public transport which can discourage some of the employees from using it.

There isn’t a single solution that can reach every employee and we can go with a mixed scheme of the three proposed ones. We can promote carpooling within each sector and maybe provide a bonus for the petrol in the early stages of the scheme. The financial sector can get in touch with the transport company in order to acquire specially priced tickets whilst teaming up with other companies to ask for improvements in the transport reliability. Finally we can start pitching the bicycle parking idea and start the construction on that front as well.


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